Reflexology & Zero Balancing with Pam

Tuesdays 1.30pm- 5.30pm
£40 per session
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About Pam Keri Brettell

Pam has worked as a medical health practitioner for over 30 years. She studied at Westminster Hospital, London as a Diagnostic Radiographer and was student of the year in 1984. After working both here and abroad in Radiography she became interested in promoting health with the use of complementary therapy. In 1992 she started training in Reflexology, wanting to work and help people on a one-to-one basis. Since then she has become a Zero Balancer and a yoga teacher. Before moving to Shoreham she has worked in Cambridge at a complementary health centre for many years. Three years ago she travelled to Nepal and taught Reflexology massage in Nangi, a small mountain village in the Himalayas. They are now using this to earn income from the trekkers passing through. She has also worked using reflexology in a free hospital for the poor in Bangalore and a hospice Trivandrum, in India.



Reflexology is a massage on the feet that promotes increased circulation. It is deeply relaxing and when the body relaxes it restores the body’s natural equilibrium and healthy balance. Areas of the feet have been found to correspond to areas of the body due to the 12 meridians that run through the body connecting organ energies as used in acupuncture. The nature of this non-invasive massage is also relaxing for the mind. It can be useful in times of stress, aiding sleep, relieving tension and a wide range of physical symptoms including migraine, irritable bowel, PMS and backache.

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Zero Balancing

This is a gentle, yet powerful method of balancing body energy with body structure. The therapy is done fully clothed, lying down. It uses finger pressure and sustained, curved stretches. Zero Balancing focuses primarily on key joints of our skeleton that conduct and balance forces of gravity, posture and movement. By addressing the deepest and densest tissues of the body along with soft tissue and energy fields, Zero Balancing helps to clear blocks in the body’s energy flow, amplify vitality and contribute to better postural alignment. A Zero Balancing session leaves you with a wonderful feeling of inner harmony and promotes quietening and centring of the mind.

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Pam believes that we can over-exert ourselves, and that when we are tired we can forget the things in life that take us into our true state of being. The human body is miraculous and always tries to move towards a balanced state of health. This can be aided by these therapies. Receiving (W)holistic therapies helps create a healing process and reminds us of who we truly are.