Jane Abbott, Ceramicist

Jane trained at Brighton Art School, Gipsy Hill College London and at the University of London, Goldsmiths College in the 1970s. 
Her work has centred around the vessel, although she also produces flat wall pieces and jewellery, as well as sculptural forms.

Much of her inspiration comes from research that is necessary when delivering the Art GCSE syllabus in schools. She also acknowledges the influence of Alison Britton and Elizabeth Fritch's early work and the encouragement these works gave her to break away from the 'Leach' tradition. The textures and compositions of the work of Ben Nicholson, other Artists and at present, the shapes from the 1950s help to inform her pieces. Jane has sold her work consistently in Galleries around Britain as well as in the yearly Open House event in Brighton and recently in Shoreham’s Adur Festival. Her work has also been exhibited in France.

Jane has taught in schools since the 1970s and continues to teach, at present, at Davison’s School in Worthing.

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