Dynamic Power pilates with Keiran

Mondays @ 19:45 and Wednesdays @ 20:00
Drop-in (All levels) £10 per class / £45 for 5 / £80 for 10
Book your place 07894 533361

Mellikof Dynamic Power Pilates is an intense and unique system of pilates based exercises. Available for one-to-one or in groups of two’s, three’s or even en mass for your friends or employees.

Mellikof Dynamic Power Pilates will exercise every part of your body, which can burn up to 400 calories in one hour, the equivalent of doing 1 hour of tennis or circuit training in the gym.

The system will flatten your abs, strengthen your back and improve your balance and fexibility using almost zero impact exercises. Whilst many back care specialists deal with treating the symptoms Keiran can often treat the cause of your back problems, and as you age improve your spinal mobility and posture, all will play a key roll in your greater fitness.

Mellikof Dynamic Power Pilates has enabled professional athletes to pass the Olympic physios most rigorous tests of core and fexibility.
I have helped all these sports people: Sky Divers, Olympic Gold Medalists, Deep Sea Divers, Stunt Men, Pro Footballers, Rugby Players, Ballet Dancers, Aerialists, Gymnasts, Golfers, Surfers, Skiers, Runners, Boxers, and Martial Artists.

Book your place 07894 533361